Select information on the topic of Time Series below:image003.jpg

Below is a file containing a template to help you write the report needed for the Time Series internal assessment. While it is written with reference to the Arctic Ice Data, the generalised questions can easily be translated to whatever context or data you are given.

Below is an Excellence exemplar for the Arctic data written for you as a example of how to compile your report. Please note that you can use this as a guide when completing your actual assessment, but you must avoid copying work and just changing the details and context. Work handed in that is not yours will be given to Mrs McKinnon.

Below is a file containing examples of student responses at the various levels of achievement. While the context is about Polar Ice, you can use these examples to give you a guide as to how much detail and what things you need to focus on to attain the highest grade possible.
Please note that these exemplars were prepared before the final draft of the standard. It is no longer required to compare two times series for MERIT, however, the write up's for both the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice are still good examples to look at. (Just ignore the writing in red).

Below is an Excellence exemplar for the Airfares data written as another example on how to compile your report. Remember you can bring a copy of it in to the actual assessment during Week 6 to help guide you.

Below is a file containing information regarding what is useful for the internal assessment. This document will be discussed and handed out in class but it will always be here as a reference.

Below is a file with extra notes on residuals. Remember that you can use these notes (in context) as part of your assessment.

Below is a link to a website with more information about the components of Time Series. If you are unsure about any aspects or would like a greater understanding for higher levels of achievement then take a look:

Below are links to the four websites we looked at in relation to the Arctic Data which may help in your practice assessment: